Why Sume smoothie mix?

Easy to make

1. Pour the contents of the package into the blender
2. Add 150 ml hot water
3. Blend and enjoy!

Fixed quantity

One pack gives 400 ml smoothie (one glass) and you don´t need to worry about any ingredients whether you have them or not. Everything is ready in the smoothie pack.


Smoothie mix is frozen, which ensures the best quality and preservation of raw materials.

No food losses!

Certain portions ensure that fruits are not discarded.

No added sugars!

The product contains only natural fruit sugars!

Certain quality and taste!

Thanks to a recipe that has been worked out and tested, it has a definite taste.

Different flavors!

Available in 9 different flavors for retail+ 3 flavors for Horeca

Suitable for everyone!

For kids, vegans, people who are lactose, gluten intolerant and so on.

Does not contain

food colors, lactose, gluten, casein, allergens etc

Time saving!

Saves time when making a smoothie, no need to chop, peel or clean.


Sume smoothie mixes are frozen fruit-herb-berry blends that require the addition of 150 ml of hot water, then you need to blend, and a fresh and delicious smoothie is ready. The product range has 9 different flavors for retail, 3 flavors for Horeca.

Do not use smoothie mixes as a replacement for a balanced diet. It is important to eat a varied and balanced meal and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sume Pina Colada

banana, pineapple, apple, coconut extract powder

Sume Green

banana, avocado, cucumber, apple, spinach and pineapple

Sume Mojito

Banana, lime, mint, cucumber, apple

Sume Red

Strawberry, blueberry, banana and apple

Sume Ruby

Raw beetroot, banana, blackcurrant, apple

Sume Sunrise

Sea buckthorn, mango, banana, apple.

Sume Spicy

Banana, strawberry, apple, paprika, chilli

Sume Blond+ Collagen

Pineapple, apple, banana, mango, sea buckthorn, 10 grams 100% hydrolyzed collagen.

Sume Rose creamy

Banana, strawberry, Valio Gefilus lactose-free yogurt, blueberry, apple

Our story

Like so many good things in life, it begins with a personal need. For 25 years we have been running a cafe in the center of Kuressaare. There were many situations where we wanted to offer our customers delicious and nutritious smoothies, but there were always different reasons why it was difficult to provide them. One august evening a company called Sume Smuuti was born in Saaremaa.

We wanted to make it easier for people to eat healthy and reduce food loss and costs. Constantly rotten fruits or unsuitable raw materials often caused problems. We solved the problem and we want to offer our future clients great tastes without the stress! Knowing how much food is thrown around the world, we are moving towards a more sustainable world with smoothie blends!

* Our goal is to produce as much as possible from local raw materials by supporting Saaremaa’s business environment (eg Rautsi Farm, Saaremaa Viljad)

Enjoy the freshness!

Sume Green OÜ received a start-up grant of EUR 15,000 from Enterprise Estonia. The project aims to launch a sustainable company that produces frozen smoothie mixes. The company procures the necessary inventory for its production facility and starts production and contributes to the necessary marketing activities. The result is a working production company.

Sume Green OÜ received a grant of EUR 3584,64 from Leader Estonia. The aim of the project is to increase the company’s sales. It contributes to marketing and sales materials. In this way, more local raw materials as well as sales can be valued.